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80s music, airships, akubras, aliens, ancient egypt, arcana, archaeology, architecture, areology, arlington wolfe, art, asterix, astronomy, astrophysics, australia, australian 80s music, australian history, australian music, australian sport, board games, bonsai, callahans, card games, casey & andy, cheapass games, cheese, chocolate, conspiracy theories, cosmology, cricket, cthulhu, curries, danger mouse, darths & droids, darths and droids, david attenborough, dinosaurs, discworld, education, egyptology, eighties music, escher, esoteric programming languages, esoterica, evolution, extreme possibilities, fnord, fossils, fractals, futurama, game writing, games, geek culture, geeks, gelato, geography, geology, german games, gurps, h.p. lovecraft, harry potter, history, ice cream, impressionism, indian food, indiana jones, inxs, irregular webcomic, irtc, italian, james bond, jpl, jules verne, korma, learning italian, lego, linguistics, looney tunes, mad science, mars, mesoamerican cultures, mexican food, midnight oil, more lego, mythbusters, mythology, natural history, natural wonders, netrunner, non-fiction, not collecting stamps, paleontology, paranormal phenomena, pasta, photography, physics, pizza, planetary science, povray, pyramidians, ray-tracing, retrophrenology, role-playing games, rpgs, scathingly brilliant ideas, science, science fiction, science geekery, self-reference, seti, sir david attenborough, sjgames, sophie ellis bextor, spicy food, sports, star wars, steampunk, still more lego, sydney, terry pratchett, thai food, the goodies, theropods, thunderbirds, time travel, tintin, toon, topology, transhuman space, transhumanism, travel, travel photography, trivia, tyrannosaurs, ukiyo-e, vindaloo, volcanoes, webcomics, weird science, writing, x-files, zendo, zeppelins, zoology
A typical Australian, only without the crocodiles and beer. Also responsible for Irregular Webcomic! (available on LJ here: irregular_comic) and Darths & Droids (available on LJ here: darthsanddroids).